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Jersey City will play a very important role in winning New Jersey’s 15 electoral votes and electing Barack Obama as president. While the polls indicate that New Jersey leans to Obama, it is not considered safe and McCain intends to compete here. It is critical that Jersey City delivers large numbers of Obama votes to offset other areas of the state that will favor McCain. This web site is intended to facilitate the coordination of grassroots efforts with the Obama for America campaign and the Jersey City Democratic Committee.

Our unwavering focus is driven by three fundamental goals:
1. Register thousands of new voters.
2. Gather voter data to be used for Get Out The Vote (GOTV) purposes.
3. Make sure the maximum number of Obama supporters go to the polls on November 4.

We will not be distracted by policy debates, smear campaigns or any of the daily noise that surrounds the presidential race. There are other forums for those distractions.

Grassroots Community Leaders:
Richard Moon (
Carole Holland (

MyBO Group:
Jersey City for Barack Obama

Please Note:

  1. We encourage all Jersey City Obama supporters to join the Jersey City for Barack Obama Group. Most communications concerning Jersey City events are distributed through this group’s email list.
  2. If you are going to organize any type of event such as a house party or voter registration drive, please set that event up on MyBO and associate it with the Jersey City group. An event is not an event until it is posted on MyBO.

Mayor Jerramiah Healy, Chairman of the Hudson County Democratic Organization, has been working hard to support the campaign here in Jersey City and we now have four Obama-Biden for America Headquarters up and running.  Canvassing, phone banking, hanging signs, writing letters … all the activities critical to winning this election are being coordinated out of these offices on a daily basis:

Call and find out how you can help in these last few remaining days.


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