JC Voter Registration

Grassroots Leader:
Pat Sebron


  • Generate blank voter registration forms (one-sided copies are preferable to the self-mail-in variety … we want to be sure that the form gets filled out and that we deliver it to the Board of Elections).
  • Create a FAQ/toolkit so that all volunteers have the information they need to meet the needs of voters.
  • Reach out to churches and other organizations in order to attend gatherings and register voters.
  • Attend events throughout the city that draw large crowds (Caribbean Festival, Italian Festival etc.). Events should be entered into the mybo.barackobama.com web site in order to recruit volunteers.
  • Create MyBO events at Supermarkets and other places where people congregate and have time to fill out the form.
  • Create a distribution process whereby blank forms are made available to volunteers and completed forms are delivered to the Jersey City Democratic Committee. The JCDC will make sure the forms are recorded and delivered to the Hudson County Board of Elections. The committee will be opening up the offices at 1591 JFK Boulevard every Wednesday evening from 5pm to 7pm to accept completed voter registration forms.
  • Gather new voter data and supply back to the Obama for America campaign. Currently there is a spreadsheet that is being used (ask Richard Moon).

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